Please adhere to all rules. Read them before ordering! :)

For everyone
001. Use the graphics you ordered, or else you will end up on the blacklist.
002. Link back with a button for the whole time, and do this before ordering.
003. Refrain from spamming on my site.
004. You need permission to use anything from Crashed.
005. If you have specifications for your requests, specify them.
-- For example, the colour scheme, the dimensions and photos.
-- You should have completed all necessary details on my form to request.

Things to Note
006. Layouts must be used for 10 days at least.
007. Don't rush me for your request. I will complete a request in about 3 days.
-- I will email you if I need another day or so.
008. Requests won't be edited more than 3 times.
009. There might be some small tags on your requests (big graphics e.g layouts)

010. You must know how to put up the layout, or you could order coding too.
011. I only make layouts for hosted sites, no freewebs.
012. All payments should be in Paypal (or image accounts). (I will give you details upon ordering.)
013. If you are paying with image accounts, give me your image accounts list before I make your order, so I can choose.
014. If you are paying cash, send me half the money before I start your order.
015. You will receive a completed layout that is tagged, and when you have paid the correct amount, I will send you the layout without the tags.

Please note that I reserve all rights to reject an order if it's not appropriate.

Revised 10th April 2009